As a P.E. Teacher, I got tired of hunting every year for lively, rhyming P.E. and Health Songs with prompts, so I wrote a few and would love to share them with you. To listen to samples and/or purchase downloads you can go directly to my page through this link  -  Once there, you can hear samples of my P.E. Warm Up, Adapted P.E. Warm Up and Hand Washing Songs. I hope you will like them enough to download them. I have used them for years, and my staff and students love hearing the songs, and know all the lyrics.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I would love to get your feedback if you do purchase any of the tunes. My hope is that your kids, will have as much fun as mine do!

Tracey Berg

Looking for some new music for your classes?

Tracey Berg makes PE/Adapted PE Fun!

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